Thank you to all who entered the Goodreads giveaway for my book, The Sleepover. It was so heart-warming and rewarding for me to see so many of you from all across Canada show an interest in my story. Writing “The Sleepover” gave me pleasure on so many fronts. First, I wanted everyone to know about the wonderful relationships that exist between the different generations and to show how important these lasting bonds are to everyone involved.

Secondly, this book is part of my legacy to my grandkids. These children are so young and chances are they won’t remember, at least not in detail, this amazing time we had together, so by writing this book, I have saved this wonderful memory for them to enjoy in future years. They can read it when they are older and love it because it is about them. It is a little bit of their history.

Thank you again for entering my giveaway. I truly appreciate your readership and reviews. Congratulations to the three winners – Melissa Kohlman from Calgary, Margo Beredjiklian from Toronto and C. Bocale from Saskatchewan. Happy reading.