2022 has arrived. A yearly tradition on January 1st is for everyone to reflect upon the old year, to review the good and the not so good that has happened and then to decide on what changes are needed to improve one’s life. Resolutions, plans and promises are made. After all, the new year offers a fresh start for everyone with no mistakes in it – yet!

When I was younger, I use to fall into the New Year’s resolutions trap. Objectives would be set but unfortunately, I would soon be disappointed with myself because I had not changed old habits and thus my new goals were not achieved. Over the past few years, I have become “somewhat” wiser regarding this ritual. I now look at the beginning of each new year in a slightly different manner and a bucket list has replaced this old custom.

For the younger crowd, this may seem like a silly exercise but as one ages, the making of a bucket list suddenly becomes a priority. Ask anyone under the age of 55 and they definitely won’t have one and some may not even know what it is. But the beginning of each new year is the perfect time to sit down and say, “What do I still want to accomplish in this lifetime?” Things on this agenda can be big dreams or just little events you haven’t got around to yet. My list is a combination of both but it took a lot of thought on my part to come up with the ideas. I wanted it to be fun and easy, not a ‘to do’ work schedule. I also realized I couldn’t just write “I want to travel.” or I would never get off the couch. I had to be specific. Where did I want to go? What did I want to do there? etc. Another important factor for me was that the list had to have at least one fun thing to do a year that wasn’t appropriate for a senior my age to consider. This was the criteria. I made my list. Since I was in my seventies, I thought maybe it was time I started checking off a few items.

Bikini Wax
Three years ago, I had my very first bikini wax. Now you must appreciate the fact that women my age were raised during a modest time when only the daring wore a bikini so it was quite bold for me to even consider this venture – not that I am contemplating wearing a bikini in the near future but what the hell. I had been a client at Amanda’s Spa for many years so I had complete confidence in her ability to do this service. I wasn’t nervous.

I climbed up on the waxing table, barely wearing a g-string (don’t even try to picture that) and laid down. Amanda asked if she could tell her students at the next waxing class about my experience and permission was granted. I detected a slight grin as she prepared “The Wax.”

I felt relaxed. Ignorance is such bliss. I stared up at the ceiling as Amanda applied the very warm wax using a popsicle stick. (I will never quite look at a popsicle the same way again.) She then fanned the area so that the wax would harden. “I will only do a small area at a time,” she said. “That way it won’t hurt.” The wax hardened. She RIPPED off the wax. Now imagine a fat frog with his eyes bulging out because someone had stepped on his back. You have just pictured me.

After I climbed back down from the ceiling, I realized there were still a few more areas to go PLUS there was the ‘other side’ to this story. But I was prepared now. With eyes squeezed shut, I was as rigid as a board. Job was finally done.

“Now,” said Amanda, “Heat will open up the pores and irritation may occur, so for the next 24 hours, don’t do anything that will cause heat or friction, like wearing tight under garments, exercising, or sex.” (Honest to God, she said this). What a sacrifice I had to make on at least two fronts. But the experience was worth it. Been there, done that, don’t ever need to do it again!

My bucket list keeps being updated and revised. In 2021, at the young age of 74, I published my very first children’s book, another item checked off. This week, I’m having fun dreaming up new challenges and exciting things to do.

I encourage everyone to sit down and write out your goals for the coming months. Make your plans. The only time we have is now. The past is past and the future has not yet come. Now is the time to live each moment to the fullest. I wish everyone a happy and healthy 2022. May your dreams and wishes become a reality.