‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the house,

Presents were wrapped but none from the spouse.


The stockings were hung, the tree was all lit,

But nothing from Chuck, the little old sh- -.


A list had been made, way in advance,

Stuck on the fridge, to see at a glance.


Tickets, events and personal care,

All were ideas on the paper, right there.


No comment was made as the days flew by

The reason for this memo, not questioned as why.


Then out of nowhere, Chuck flops himself down.

“What do you want for Christmas. I’m going to town?”


I couldn’t believe, what I had just heard.

I went to the fridge but said not a word.


I pointed at the list so clear and so bold,

“I don’t want to get you those things,” I was told.


“There will be no surprise, if I pick from the list.”

By this time, I was clenching my fist.


The look in my eye, put wings on his feet,

“Ok,” he said, “I’m off down the street.”


Out the laneway he roared, in his little Ford truck.

To shop was his purpose, this Santa Claus, Chuck.


With no list in hand, he boldly went

Returning much later, a penny not spent.


“I can’t find a thing you would like.” he said

While ideas from my list, swirled in my head.


“Of course,” replied Chuck “I’ve got a plan.

Steven, my son, is just the right man.”


A call was made and a time was set.

Arriving at the mall, two shoppers met.


“We haven’t much time, so where is Mum’s list?

We will look at her suggestions. Does one exist?”


“Mum’s ideas for me, hold no appeal.”

“But Dad that is no way you should feel.

The gift is for her and for no other.

We aren’t buying for you,

We are buying for Mother.”


Armed with nothing but hope and despair,

They hustled around in the cold winter air.


From store to store they went looking and shopping.

They were on a mission, there was no stopping.


The task was accomplished and a gift was bought.

Lynda will like this, a pleased Chuck thought.


Arriving home, with a big grin on his face,

I knew no matter what, I would accept it with grace.


His shopping is done, he is not empty-handed.

Chuck was relieved, I could quite understand it.


Christmas shopping is completed, with a very near miss.

But next year I’ll save time and forget the damn list.


Merry Christmas to all.