This week we went out for dinner to celebrate Chuck’s birthday. Now we often eat lunch in the local restaurants but seldom do we venture out for an evening meal so this was quite a treat, well at least for me. Chuck is not one for getting all suited up so when I informed him that this was a fancy restaurant and he had to dress appropriately, he begrudgingly switched from his blue jeans to his formal attire – his black jeans. Like it or not, in Chuck’s eyes he was dressed to the nines and ready for our night out.


Reservations had been made but not for the five o’clock slot Chuck wanted. In his opinion and in that of many seniors, that is the only sensible time for supper. Because Steven was not able to arrive before six, a compromise was made – six it was. It was a lovely restaurant and we arrived right on schedule. At first glance it was easy to see that most people prefer to eat much later. Only a few diners were present but over the course of the evening, the place filled up to capacity. No spots were available after 7:30. This place was doing a thriving business. So much for the idea that people are not spending their money in restaurants.


The staff was made up of only men who were all over the age of 45. Not sure why and maybe this was just a coincidence but I saw no women or young people serving. The first gentleman greeted us in a cordially, formal manner and then disappeared. A few minutes later Jeeves, the waiter came for our drink order. None of the everyday draught beers Chuck knew were available, a mark against the establishment in his eyes. He settled for some highfalutin beer not exactly compatible to his working man’s taste. I, on the other hand, ordered a lovely glass of wine which was accompanied with a price tag equal to two bottles of very fine wine from the LCBO. It actually surpassed the price of my duck entrée. No worry of getting intoxicated here. But I must add, the wine was good to the very last drop.


After some time, Jeeves returned to take our food orders. Now Chuck and I have small appetites so we never order appetizers. There would be absolutely no room left for the entrée if we did. We passed on that, while Steve and Row ordered their starters along with the entrées.


In time, the hors d’oeuvres appeared and the conversation flowed while Chuck and I watched the others enjoy their food. I was having a wonderful time. This occasion was food not just for my body but for my soul. It felt good to be dressed up and out for the evening but I could tell Chuck was getting a little antsy. He had been in the restaurant for an hour and a half and he had seen no food yet for him. He sarcastically made the comment, “If I wait another two hours, I’ll be able to order breakfast.” God how we laughed. The food eventually came and even Chuck had to admit that it was worth the wait. We raised our glasses and toasted Chuck. I informed him that this was his lucky year. He was double sevens, 77 years old, and only good things were in store for him this year.


The evening was fun. It was nice to relax with family and to enjoy great food, excellent wine and good conversation. Chuck did not turn into a pumpkin nor did he fall asleep. It was a good night. My birthday is coming up and I have a fancy restaurant in mind for that occasion. I guess I better prepare Chuck for this date and get his black jeans ready for the occasion.