As Christmas Day draws near, the excitement and flurry of last-minute preparations fill the air. Looking back over the past week, I can’t help but smile at this bustling scene unveiling before my eyes. There are the women, meticulously wrapping gifts, navigating crowded grocery stores, and perfecting the art of Christmas baking, plus completing all the other holiday tasks that seem to be automatically delegated to the female population.

And what about the men? Well, by now, most of them have come to the stark realization that they have a mere 24 hours left to get their shopping for the wife done, so they better get cracking. Equipped with this new acquired knowledge, they anxiously roam their home kitchens, searching for the perfect small appliance their wives do not yet possess. God help them. I can’t help but wish them divine intervention, when the little woman is presented with this chosen offering on Christmas morning.

In the midst of this festive chaos, I find myself surprisingly ready for the holiday event, having hustled and bustled through a myriad of activities in the preceding week, tying up loose ends and completing essential tasks. One such undertaking was my final day at the gym for 2023. And, how did that go? Well, it went like this.

‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the gym,

Everyone was busy, trying to get slim.

Megan was there, and so was Leanne,

Encouraging their clients, to do the best that they can.

Both were busy, on this there’s no doubt.

Working with patrons, they were getting worn out.

Equipment was occupied, including the weights.

Everyone was motivated, to do what it takes.

Panting and sweating, I jogged on the spot

Trying like hell, to get rid of my pot.

Leanne had ideas and advice, that is sure,

“Drink water,” added Megan, “that is the cure.”

Diet and exercise, plus, plus, plus, plus

Must do it all, without any fuss.

A huffing and a puffing, and dragging my rear,

I gave it my all, shifting into high gear.

Right leg was lifted, a feat just begun,

Onto the left leg, and then we are done.

I realized immediately this was no fluke.

Two legs, double work. My comment, “Oh, puke.”

Megan continued with patience and grace,

“Your hard work has paid off. It wasn’t a waste.”

I had reached my goal by the end of the year

I knew I could do it. I gave a big cheer.

Pumped with enthusiasm, and ready for more,

I started new exercises, down on the floor.

When the session was over, I threw on my coat

Looking at everyone, and clearing my throat,

“Have a safe, happy holiday,” I said with a grin,

“Enjoy Christmas season with all of your kin.”


Wishing everyone all the best in the New Year.