Life is what you make it and it can be a lot more interesting when fun, laughter and humour are major ingredients in it. My blog is my attempt to use humour to capture the fun times, the frustrating times, the sad times and the happy times that we all experience in our everyday lives.

As a wife, a mother and a grandmother, I have lots of material to work with. My husband, children and grandchildren are the main characters in these anecdotes and their names have not been changed. The guilty are exposed. Although these stories are told through the eyes of a senior, (me) I hope you can identify with and smile at many of the situations I write about, regardless of your age.  


For the past year and a half, it seems everyone is upgrading or making repairs to their homes. At first, I wondered why this was happening at this particular time considering the price of lumber has gone through the roof, a shortage of building supplies exists and the wait lists for contractors to do your..

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